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Muscle Relaxers Over The Counter

While all natural muscle relaxers can be bought without prescription in US, that is not the case with chemical (pharmaceutical) muscle relaxers. Muscle relaxants over the counter are accessible in Canada. Chemical muscle relaxers are prescription only within the United States. However, there are web sites where you can purchase these within the US with no prescription at all. You must be aware that it’s basically illegal to purchase, attempt to purchase or use chemical muscle relaxants without a prescription written by a doctor based within your country - you also run the risk of buying a substandard or a dangerous product.

Here are some of the recommended natural OTC supplements:

Relaxall - Muscle & Relaxation Support 60 ct by Professional Botanicals

Relax-All is a herbal supplement that is formulated to assist in muscle relaxation, while alleviating deleterious affects of stress. This will render a feeling of tranquility and total body relaxation for a restful nights sleep.

  • Supports relaxation and calmness to muscles
  • Herbal supplement that is formulated to assist in muscle relaxation, while alleviating deleterious affects of stress
  • Dietary supplement
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Bulksupplements Pure Phenylethylamine HCL (PEA) Powder (100 grams)

Use for tight, sore muscles, backache, bursitis, lupus, muscular problems, pleurisy, rheumatism, spasms, and tetanus.

Cramp 911 Muscle Relaxing Roll-on Lotion, Net Wt. 0.71 oz.(21ml), Box

cramp 911User review: "Cramp 911 lives up to its claim of eliminating cramps that grab you. We bought the larger size because the smaller size was used up quickly. This product actually does work! "

User review: "Have used a few times. A bit sticky when you apply, but seems to work. Have always had muscle cramps when running and get them in my legs and feet. Also cramp in my hands when doing some manual work like wrenching or hammering. Product provides relief. Not sure how long it last, but it is effective. Would recommend it to try. "


Pharmaceutical products:

Listed above are natural products. There are also some over the counter pharmaceutical products intended for muscle relaxation available.

Some of the popular OTC pharmaceutical remedies are: Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Acetaminophen


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