Green Lipped Mussel

Natural Anti Inflammatories

Sea Mussel Anti-Inflammatory

sea mussel supplementIf you compare the effectiveness of Green Lipped Mussel oil with similar acting products in the market used as anti-inflammatory medicines, you will find that the Mussel oil formulations are highly effective in treating a variety of common and specific inflammations.

The right essential fatty acids in the Mussel formulations inhibit many inflammations thereby relieving the pain and suffering for a wide spectrum of patients. The product is derived from specific shellfish and is delivered to the patient in highly purified form for medicinal uses. This warrantee assures the users to carry out the treatment of their inflammatory condition in a carefree manner and with a very high percentage of success.

It also compares well and even better than the other two anti-inflammatory products widely recognized as Aspirin or Ibuprofen. Green lipped mussel product is the consequence of a thirty year old research effort initiated to find a reasonable cure for rheumatoid arthritis and similar ailments. People have since time memorial sought natural remedies for many human diseases and this is one other example of the same quest. Natural Anti-Inflammatory prescriptions are quite popular around the world and herbal or in the case of green lipped mussel animal sources gained immense acceptance since a long time ago. Some people are nevertheless of the notion that most medicines that do not fall under the category of the practice of allopathy must be quack medicines and should be avoided! This is really a myth to a large extent though some practices may still fall under dubious results etc.

The basic principle of anti inflammatory drugs is to inhibit our own policing cells to refrain from attacking our other useful cells (a kind of auto immune behavior) and thereby slow down the process of inflammation. It is important to realize that many people also think that strong or strange medicines have an adverse effect on the digestive system of our bodies. In the case of most herbal or even some animal sourced medicines this concept can be forgotten since they are quite harmless to the digestive tract of most human systems. Thus you can safely take the drugs without really taking the assistance of other medicines that aid digestion. The products are easily available over the counter or online.

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