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Formula 303 Natural Muscle Relaxant

Formula 303 is a natural muscle relaxant that is a specially formulated combination of the herb Valerian root extract, herbal Passiflora, and Magnesium.

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Dee Cee Labs’ Formula 303 natural muscle spasm treatment is a muscle spasm remedy for neck spasm, back spasm, muscle pain, back pain, muscle cramps, fibromyalgia and many other conditions.

Formula 303 Maximum Strength Muscle Relaxant is a natural muscle spasm treatment that is Made in America and used every day by thousands of people around the world. Read more or Buy Formula 303 pain relieve natural muscle relaxant 90 tablets at Amazon

Formula303 is Natural Relief for: l Muscle Spasm & Leg cramps l Tension l Stress l Anxiety l Jitters l Insomnia l Back spasm l TMJ l Fibromyalgia l Menstrual Cramps Benefits of Formula 303 Natural Muscle Spasm Remedy l Natural muscle relaxant l Safe and Effective l Contains only natural ingredients l Vegetarian formula l Gently relaxes you - no groggy feeling l Made in America l Useful for tension, stress, muscle spasm and more! Homeopathic Formula 303 is a great muscle relaxer.

Formula 303’s Natural Ingredients: Valerian and Pasilora Passiflora Benefits Passiflora, also known as Passion flower has been helpful in some people to reduce restlessness, anxiety, tension and nervousness. Some researchers even believe that Passionflower may also be a mild aphrodisiac; let us know what you find out. A recent study that included 36 men and women with generalized anxiety disorder revealed that passionflower was as effective as a leading antianxiety medication when taken for one month. Passion flower acts therefore, as an all natural tranquilizer. This is a key finding since medication has numerous side effects and medication has been shown to be habit forming. If you are on anxiety medication, alternative treatment is healthier for you. In another study including 91 people with anxiety symptoms it was shown that a natural herbal product containing passionflower and other herbal sedatives substantially decreased symptoms when compared to a placebo. Most studies are revealing the benefits of herbal remedies in helping relieve tension, stress, anxiety and insomnia and more studies are probably necessary to confirm once and for all what thousands of people have known for several centuries: Valerian helps relieve tension, anxiety and sleep disorders, especially when combined with Passiflora as found in our Formula 303.

Why Many People Consider Formula 303 the Best Muscle Relaxer? Many individuals consider Formula 303 to be the best muscle relaxant because it works without making you feel drowsy. In addition, there are not harmful side-effects as seen with traditional muscle relaxers. Formula 303 is Homeopathic, why is that different? Distinct from supplements and herbs, which are recognized as foods and cannot be marketed for the prevention or treatment of specific ailments, homeopathic medicines are drugs that can be marketed for specific conditions. A homeopathic medicine can be sold to the public as long as the ailment for which it is claimed to treat has an ‘OTC indication’. An OTC indication is: an ailment which is ‘self-limiting’ (a condition which can resolve on its own); does not require medical diagnosis or medical monitoring. An OTC product must not only fit these characteristics, it also must be in a dosage form that is non-toxic. ++ Maximum Strength Formula 303 is the best over the counter muscle relaxer we know about. As an OTC natural relaxant, it is simply, wonderful! Remember, Formula 303 is the original natural remedy for tension, stress, anxiety, insomnia for those times you need a natural muscle relaxer after overdoing it in the yard or at work. We have the lowest priced Formula 303 on the web—if you find it for less, let us know.

Facts about Formula 303: Formula 303 is the all natural muscle relaxer used and recommended by over 6,000 chiropractors l Is safe and effective, non-habit forming, with over 47 years of PROVEN results. l Over 2 MILLION people have relied on, and trusted Formula 303 to feel better. A professional strength proprietary blend that works to make your mind and body feel good again. l Vegetarian formula. Dee Cee Labs Formula 303 works to Relax Painful Muscles and Muscle Spasms. Scientifically Proven to Relieve Tight Muscles, Leg Cramps, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain

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