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What Is Natural Muscle Relaxer

Natural muscle relaxants are known to have been used for centuries. Poison-tipped arrows used by the indigenous population in South America produced death by skeletal muscle paralysis. Tubocurarine, the active ingredient helped lead to major discoveries in the function of acetylcholine in neuromuscular transmission. This technology is widely used today in anesthesia and surgery.

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While commercial and prescribed muscle relaxants have a strong and profound effect on human body, natural muscle relaxants have little to no side effects. Natural nutritional and dietary supplements are inexpensive and readily available over the counter. Most natural muscle relaxers are considered to be a better choice compared to narcotics as far as long-term health condition is concerned. Also, natural muscle relaxants are used to deal with some unrelated symptoms which most pharmaceuticals have no capability to cope with. Both however, have similar characteristics. Just as majority of pharmaceutical muscle-relaxers, natural herbs must not be used in big quantities by pregnant women, the elderly and children. It's a good thing to hear the opinion of your physician or health professionals to determine if natural muscle relaxers are right for you.

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Herbal muscle relaxant can really offer relief from muscle pains. It is cheap, and readily available as it can be bought over-the-counter, without prescription. Preparation is rather simple and straightforward. Most herbs are prepared by heating and boiling; and pounded if used as a poultice.

To ensure the availability of these herbs some people also grow their own medicinal garden. Herbal muscle relaxer is also becoming more popular as an alternate to prescription muscle relaxants because it has little or no side effects. Moreover, medicinal herbs are nowdays incorporated into production of muscle relaxing drugs by many pharmaceutical companies.

Even though herbal medicines are not popularly used in clinical settings, there is a strong evidence of their medicinal benefits. Some people tend to over-do herbal medicine because they believe it's not the drugs they're using here. They believe all they do is using some plants, roots and herbs. However, dosage guideline should be followed even though they're not using pharmaceutical drugs. If you intend to cook up herbal muscle medicines, it would be wise to acquire proper knowledge of combining herbs with traditional drug. You should be able to find some advice from health care professional.

Muscle Relaxers

altMedicine which can decrease the normal muscle tone is called muscle relaxant or neuromuscular blocker. Sometimes we need to reduce an exaggerated muscle tone getting it back to normal. This is especially true with certain neurological diseases such as cerebral palsy, cerebral vascular accident, multiple sclerosis. All of these are usually manifested by increase muscle tone, this is called spasticity and the drugs are called antispastic.

Antispastic drugs reduce an increased muscle tone and neuromuscular blocker or muscle relaxants abolish normal muscle tone when normal functioning would mean pain and stiffness. The antispastic drug will not reduce normal muscle tone but an elevated muscle tone. Learn more about muscle relaxers

Natural Relaxant

Natural cures, such as herbal muscle relaxers, are often touted as being much safer than their chemical counterparts. The reason for such belief is the fact that they don't suffer from the same possible side effects and are generally viewed as not being compounds alien to the body. For many people they present a better alternative to conventional muscle relaxant medications. While these medications can be effective if one knows how to use them and which ones to use, a herbal muscle relaxer (or any other herbal medication) can still have negative effects on the body if not used correctly. There may also be situations where the herbs will have no effect whatsoever. Learn more about natural relaxants

Best Natural Muscle Relaxer

With so many products that are aimed at relieving the pain and soreness from your muscles people always ask which one is the best. Read more and find out what the best natural muscle relaxers available are.

Formula 303 Natural Muscle Relaxant

formula 303 naturalVery popular natural muscle relaxant Formula 303 is a particularly formulated combination of the herbal Passiflora, herb Valerian root extract, and Magnesium. Formula 303 from Dee Cee Labs is used for natural muscle spasm treatment and is a muscle spasm remedy for muscle pain, back pain, neck spasm, back spasm, muscle cramps, fibromyalgia and many other conditions.

Formula 303 Maximum Strength Muscle Relaxant is a natural muscle spasm treatment that is used every day by thousands of people around the world. Buy or read more about formula 303 natural muscle relaxant


Natural Muscle Relaxer - Valerian Muscle Relaxant

valerian root Valerian, also known as Valeriana officinalis is a good herbal muscle relaxer that is readily available, usually mixed with kava- kava root. Valerian is among the most common herbal remedies for muscle pain available on the market and has been proven effective time and time again.

The kava-kava root is there to increase the effects of the valerian, but may also be mixed in for a big scope of other purposes. However, valerian is best used for making muscle tissue smooth and is not as effective when used on problems caused by injuries. The analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmic properties of valerian make it a very flexible herbal remedy for dealing with muscle problems and low levels of pain. Buy or read more about valerian muscle relaxant

Over the Counter Muscle Relaxer

While all natural muscle relaxers can be bought without prescription in US, that is not the case with chemical (pharmaceutical) muscle relaxers. Muscle relaxants over the counter are accessible in Canada. Chemical muscle relaxers are prescription only within the United States. However, there are web sites where you can purchase these within the US with no prescription at all. You must be aware that it’s basically illegal to purchase, attempt to purchase or use chemical muscle relaxants without a prescription written by a doctor based within your country - you also run the risk of buying a substandard or a dangerous product. Buy or read more about over the counter muscle relaxer

Natural muscle relaxer for back pain

When you have back pain and muscle spasms, long muscles that run along the spine called the erector spinae muscles are usually to blame. A spasm is an involuntary contraction of the muscle for a sustained period of time. Usually a spasm occurs when the muscle has been quickly and unexpectedly stressed somehow which can include injury, tears, sprains or bruising. The spasm can actually start in the nerves that lead into the muscle, though the feeling is the same no matter where the spasm starts. Most of the time muscle spasms are painful, but not serious. It should be mentioned though that in some cases, the spasm may be a symptom of a more serious problem. The back is composed of muscles, bones and ligaments, and injury or disease to any component can result in back pain muscle spasms. Learn more about natural muscle relaxants for back pain

Natural muscle relaxer for neck pain

With the lifestyle of today's evereyday life which includes sitting in front of TV, computer or office desk, neck pain is becoming one of the most wide spread pains people are facing. Some are trying with massage and even finding a massage therapist. Others are trying to get some home ready, natural medicine that they can apply pn their own. Read more about muscle relaxants neck pain medicine and what you can do about it.

Herbal Muscle Relaxer

We all know about herbs and the healthy effects we can feel by using some of those. Natural herbs represent in fact the oldest medicine ever used by people. There are all sorts of medical conditions that can be treated with specific kinds of herbs. Muscle soreness, spasms and muscle pain can be treated with herbal muscle relaxant. Buy or read more about herbal muscle relaxer

Herbal Supplements

Besides dealing with muscle related things, there are all sorts of herbal products which can help in treating a variety of other different types of pain and all kinds of other medical problems that we may all experience sooner or later. Herbs for health and herbal therapy are becoming the first choice for many people, and there's virtually no home where a herbal supplement of some kind can't be found. Read more why herbal supplements are so popular and why almost everyone buys some of those.

Muscle Relaxers List

Want to see all the best muscle relaxers in one place? Muscle relaxants can be devided into two groups or two lists: Natural muscle relaxer list and artificially-made, prescription only, muscle relaxer list. The first group is OTC (over the counter) and the second group represents muscle relaxant medication and muscle relaxant drugs that can be obtained with prescription only. To make it clear, the second group of muscle relaxants can't be obtained over the counter within the US. If you want to see the complete list of muscle relaxants learn more at muscle relaxers list

Muscle Spasm Relief - How to Relieve Muscle Spasms

muscle painPeople often confuse cramps with chronic muscle spasms. Whereas a cramp makes your muscle feel tight and stiff for a minute or two, chronic muscle spasms usually develop into a few days of muscle soreness and pain. While a cramp can be relieved with a few massage strokes and minutes of rest most of the time, a muscle spasm refuses to budge until it is ready to do so - kind of like an unwelcomed visitor that even overstayed its forced welcome. Chronic muscle spasms can also strike just about anywhere in the body. Your neck, legs, back and even your fingers are especially vulnerable to a spasm attack. Since treatment for the causes of muscle spasms takes time, here are some tips that you can consider to get relief fast. Learn more about muscle spasm relief

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