Muscle Relaxers

Muscle Relaxants

muscle relaxer

What is Muscle Relaxer

Muscle relaxant: Muscle relaxant is a term usually used to refer to skeletal muscle relaxants (drugs), which act on the central nervous system (CNS) to relax muscles. These drugs are often prescribed to reduce pain and soreness associated with sprains, strains, or other types of muscle injury. Some examples of commonly prescribed skeletal muscle relaxant medications include carisoprodol  (Soma), cyclobenzaprine  (Flexeril), and metaxalone  (Skelaxin), which are taken in tablet form. Muscle relaxant drugs are only available by prescription  in the U.S.

Other types of muscle relaxant drugs (neuromuscular blocking drugs) are sometimes used during the induction of general anesthesia or during insertion of an endotracheal (ET) tube. These muscle relaxants are given intravenously (through the bloodstream) and act directly on the muscles. Examples of muscle relaxants used during surgical procedures include succinylcholine (Anectine, Sucostrin), atracurium (Tracrium), and pancuronium (Pavulon).

What do muscle relaxers do

Muscle-relaxers is a medicine that is used to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by muscle cramps or spasms. Some individuals who have serious muscle problems that have resulted from over-use or over-exertion really need to take muscle-relaxers to at least decrease the difficulty they experience because of their health condition. However, like most medications, muscle-relaxers also require certain precautionary measures before their intake. Moreover, certain side effects are also reported to result from muscle-relaxer use. Because of the slight danger or threat posed by these factors, new medications were developed such as herbal muscle-relaxers. Unlike their more famous counterparts, these muscle-relaxers are said to be purely made from natural components, thus, side effects are highly unlikely. It is said to have the same effectiveness as the ones that are made from chemical substances, however, with the less risk of causing harm.

Sometimes we need to reduce the muscle tone even if it is normal, for example: In case of surgery especially in the abdominal operations, we need to reduce the muscle tone or to produce certain degree of muscular relaxation.



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