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About Muscle Pain

human bodyIt is a fact that there are about 650 muscles in the human body which comprise about half of our total body weight. So, whenever you feel some pain in your muscles, whether due to a hard gym workout, a basketball game, hard labor, or due to an unexpected muscle injury, make sure you pay attention. Do not ignore this for it could be a warning sign that something is already seriously wrong with your body. Immediate action, usually via consultation with a doctor, will be a great help in preventing additional injuries or lessening the complications of an existing injury.

The Musculatory System Muscles give form to our skeletal system and allows our body to perform voluntary and involuntary movements. It also helps in regulating body temperature and controls blood flow. Muscles are made up of thousands of fibers that enable them to contract, either to shorten or lengthen, and produce movements. In order for a muscle fiber to attach itself to a bone, it blends itself with connective tissues known as tendons.

There are three main types of muscles. The muscles that are attached to the skeleton which allows us to perform movements are called Skeletal Muscles, or Striated Muscles. Skeletal muscles are considered voluntary muscles which means you have to first think of contracting them and the nervous system tells them to do so. They can also perform two types of contractions. The Twitch, which is characterized by short and single contractions, and the Tetanus, which involves long and sustained contractions.

The second type of muscles are called the Smooth Muscles. These are found in the walls of blood vessels and internal organs such as the digestive system, bladder, airways and the uterus. It provides a series of wavelike contractions known as peristalsis and has the ability to stretch and maintain tension for a long period of time. Smooth muscles move involuntarily, which means that it can contract without conscious effort. These muscles cannot be controlled by your thoughts.

The third type of muscle is called the Cardiac Muscle, which as the term implies, is found in the heart. Being an involuntary muscle, it contracts by itself without the aid of the brain. Like smooth muscles, cardiac muscles can stretch in a limited way with short and single contractions, but still have the force of a skeletal muscle.

Sore Muscles and Muscle Injuries

Muscles become sore when they haven't been used for a time being and a heavy task to contract them would cause some strain to the fibers, ligaments, and tendons. Or when the muscle is given a task that is quite new such as a first-timer in the gym who had just finished his dumbbell workouts. The used muscle would feel pain, sore and strained due to some microscopic tears in the muscle fibers and tissues. This trauma is a natural reaction of muscles that is why rest is advised to those who workout their muscles in for them to grow bigger, stronger and firmer.

However, if you are experiencing excruciating pain, stop whatever it is you're doing and have it checked right away. Muscle strain injuries occur more often with eccentric muscle contractions due to the great force produced by such contraction. Tears occur near the muscle-tendon junction and/or the muscle fibers themselves are torn. Violent force and prolonged use can cause tears in the muscles leading to injuries.

Treating Muscle Pain

Skeletal muscles have the impressive ability to regenerate itself on a daily basis as well as in response to injury. However, some damaged muscles may not become as strong as the way it was before the injury. Healing depends on the severity of the injury.

First aid treatment such as ice therapy can serve as a natural pain relief. Other forms of natural pain relief may entail the use of medicinal herbs, liniments, or therapeutic massage. Continued application of ice to swelling muscle area for three days after the injury helps a lot to decrease inflammation. Make sure ice is not directly applied to the skin. Gradual rehabilitation is needed with the help of stretching exercises until the strength is revived. While there are still no conclusive evidence that specific natural pain relief products are effective, many of these remedies had already been in use for thousands of years.

While undergoing therapy, muscle relaxant medications and anti-inflammatory drugs may help to ease the pain of the injury but it is a given that we must seek medical advice before taking any of these drugs. More often that not, anti-inflammatory drugs are doctor-prescribed and cannot be obtained over-the-counter without the authority of a physician.

Everyone experiences the pain associated with sore muscles from time to time. Whether it’s an injury or just a strenuous workout, it used to be that the only cure was time. But now there is a unique essential oil blend 100% Pure Emu Oil, which can help dramatically reduce the aches and pains of sore muscles. This unique essential oil blend is an all natural product that is one hundred percent organic, it is very beneficial to use this massage oil for sports injuries, generalized sore muscles and therapeutic massage applications, this light oil blend is fast absorbing and opens the pores to absorb deep into the muscle tissues to provide quick relief of aches, pains, and muscle fatigue. It is also very beneficial to improving circulation to the affected area, and it is also very useful in try to reduce inflammation and thereby any minor swelling that may occur.

In addition to using this product as a means of pain management through therapeutic massage as a means of deliver but it is also quite effective and soothing when mixed with unscented bubble bath, bath oil or even Epsom salt, which can also be quite useful for muscle pain and inflammation, as a means of promoting muscle relaxation and a restful night sleep as well.
Muscle Massage is a very strong essential oil blend, so a mere few drops goes a very long way, for a therapeutic massage application massage a scant 20 drops (or less) into the affected area up to three times a day until pain and inflammation are diminished. For a therapeutic bath application only 5 drops of the essential oil blend should be used in you proffered delivery method is it bath bubbles, bath oil, or Epsom salt.

Aromatherapy has been studied for years and has been proven to be effective at treating a variety of conditions. It works by absorbing through the skin and thereby providing quick relief when applied at the site of pain. Muscle massage has a unique blend of the essential oils of lavender, basil, rosemary, cardamom, camphorated peppermint, and wintergreen oils. While basil, rosemary, and cardamom, oils are all stimulating to increase circulation to the area affected, they also poses a unique herbaceous quality that is cooling and soothing to muscle tissues that when combined with the camphorated peppermint and winter green oils is also cooling and soothing to help with inflammation and swelling. Lavender is also cooling and soothing to the skin it is also a very powerful nervine that helps to ease the pain associated with many muscle problems, like pain, swelling, inflammation and general fatigue.

These essential oils are combined in a carrier blend of almond oil which is fine high quality carrier oil for most skin types that is naturally high in vitamin a, which is vital for healthy skin cell production, and arnica oil. Arnica oil , is useful in any injury, blow fall and even surgery to help heal tissues, It is important to mention however that arnica is for external use only and should not be used on any injury in which there is broken skin or bleeding. As with any healthcare product natural or otherwise, be sure to consult a physician or physical therapist  prior to use to insure safe usage for your own health and personal medical situation. You don’t have to live with the pain of sore muscles any longer.

If you're experiencing muscle pain on a regular basisis, you should think about using some products which are aimed at relieving muscle pain. You can find them at: best natural muscle relaxer and over the counter muscle relaxer These are known to help with muscle spasms and muscle pain.




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