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Is ijoy-2400 massage chair worth buying? There are many massage chairs on the market and not always is easy to find the one that suits your particular needs the best. Massage chairs allow you to to receive a mechanical or robotic massage. You can place your ijoy chair in any room you want. You can have it at your home and even at your working place if you're in a position to do such things. What I want to say is that message chair is a complete massaging system waiting for you to give your body some rubbing and kneading. This will not only help your body but will also give relaxation to your mind.

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Where to buy ijoy? Which ijoy massage chair to buy? Read at the end of this review!

Is ijoy chair for you?

I'll tell you my experience. I remember six years go when I was thinking about what I could do to relax myself after hard working day. Back then it was my passion to cook and eat so I could enjoy my moments at home and put my mind away from problems, at least for an hour. This was working fine for me as far as relaxation is concerned, but it was also a practice that added some weight to my body which of course I didn't need. So I started thinking about other ways I could do something for myself. There are all kinds of things and activities recommended on TV or by neighbours. But the problem with most solutions of such kind is that they either take too much time or require some kind of activity. I wanted to have a specialized way to relax myself without any kind of negative efects that go along, and without any kind of active behavior on my side. Then I came to an idea of buying one of those massage chairs.

I'm telling you all this, so you could see that my experience with stimulation chairs goes years back. To make it short, five years ago I bought my first chair of this kind, it was Sharper Image iJoy 2 Robotic Massage Chair. This was an investment back then for me. However, I was happy because I finally found a new toy that gave me exactly what I wanted. It became a routine for me. I would sit in a chair every night and forget about problems. After a while, I saw another massaging chair at a shopping center. I started thinking that there may be other massage chairs which would even better suit my body and my needs. It wasn't long before I started thinking about selling my old and getting a new robotic chair. So, after I managed to provide some money, I bought brand new massage chair. Was I wrong this time! This specific chair was of good brand and technologically advanced but it was so powerful that my had was spinning around and body was shaking in an unpleasant manner to say the least. It was too much rubbing and shaking for my taste. I've learned my lesson. I don't want to say which brand and type this was all happening with because I don't want to sound like I'm doing a campaign against someone. Instead I want to say what I think is a good solution.

The following year I bought ijoy chair again. I liked and still love ijoy products. It's quality we're talking here. Anyway, let's finish with me talking about the past, let me go to the robotic chairs of today, in 2010. As you can see I have some experience with massage robotic chairs and I know what to look for when buying one. As I've already said, my favorite brand is Human Touch Ijoy and i I focus primarily on them. I like to go to the places selling all kinds of brands and types of massaging chairs and then sit for a while in each, testing all that a specific chair has to offer.

Interested in ijoy 2400? Yes, I tested this one too. Is this the best solution? You'll find out soon...

Characteristics of Ijoy 2400 from Human Touch


  • Massage-Softening Pad can be removed
  • Remote Control can be drawn back or in
  • Manual Use and Care


  • Increase Wellness
  • Enjoy Deeper, More Restorative Sleep
  • Relieve Back Pain and Sore Muscles
  • Relax and Reduce Stress
  • Improve Circulation & Blood Flow  


  • Color: in most cases Black, but also brown
  • Four (4) professional massage techniques – kneading, rolling, percussion, and compression
  • Three (3) invigorating auto-massage programs - full, upper and lower back
  • Removable softening pad to adjust the intensity of your massage
  • Cushioned head pillow for extra comfort
  • Complementing upholstery materials -  SofSuede™ and leather-like upholstery
  • Easy-to-Reach recline lever
  • Wheels for easy mobility
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Features:
  • ETL/cETL listed
  • 1-year limited warranty and 90-day in-home service coverage
  • Dimensions:
    Upright: 40"L x 31"W x 37"H
    Recline: 53"L x 31"W x 20"H
    Seat width: 18”
    Distance to wall: 14”
    Recline Angle: 115 – 170 degrees 
    Chair weight: 80 lbs.

What can I say about it? It's a good massaging device. It offers value for the money you pay. I don't have much to say against it.

Would I recommend buying it?

Let me explain. Let's say that massage chair is not a cheap piece of equipment for you and your home. If you want quality, you need to pay the right price. This is just a fact of life. This means that no matter what type of massaging chair you buy you'll pay not a low price. With this in mind, I would say that you should try to get the best value for each dollar you pay. For this reason I would really suggest buying ijoy from Human Touch but not exactly Ijoy 2400. Instead, you should buy Human Touch ijoy-2580 Massage Chair. Let me say I know that ijoy2580 costs more money.

But remember what I said? You will pay the lesser price if you really get the real thing and the real value for each dollar you pay. Trust me. Buying a good massage chair is not cheap in any case. What you really need is that you get the best for the amount of money you give! You don't need any second hand solutions with expensive stuff like massage chairs. I love massaging robotic chairs and I like to test and sit for a while in different types. If you want to buy the ijoy massage chair then I suggest not to save even 200 dollars on this one. Remember you're not buying something that you'll forget about in a month, you're buying a real home and personal piece of equipment that will be with you for a longer period of time. Anyway, this is just my experience with massage chairs and this is what I say: Buy ijoy 2580 robotic massage chair at reliable places like Drugstore. It's important to buy at reliable places so you would get your stuff with no damage or problems. Enjoy life relaxing in your chair! You can read more about ijoy 2580 here.

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