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prell shampoo Prell Classic Shampoo
  • Original Prell Shampoo is a exclusive water-based formula that is designed specifically to leave your hair ultra clean.
  • Prell's thick, rich later gently lifts away dirt build-up like residue, dirt, oil and perspiration and leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny.
  • Prell has a line of deep cleaning shampoos to satisfy your hair care needs.
  • Unique rinse clean formula provides a rich lather for clean, healthy hair.

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Prell Hair Rinse

Prell Hair Rinse Clean Concentrate Shampoo

Product Features

  • Prell Shampoo Concentrate unique rinse clean formula, nothing gets your hair cleaner than Prell.
  • Prell's rich, thick lather gently lifts away dirt, oil, even daily build-up from styling sprays and gels, leaving behind no residue - just clean, healthy hair.
  • Prell Concentrate: Just a little cleans a lot.

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